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About Sure Secure

Being a 100% Local Company, with managing owners increase the effort and results, to the benefit of you,our client. This enables the client to address the owner in person if needed.

We dedicate our time in proper solutions for your problem. We use the latest technology available to solve problems. Every system can and will be tailor made to your requirements.

We manage people and we manage solutions. Today’s problems are solved today and not tomorrow. The clients do not have to phone from manager to manager to address a situation. The owners are available at all times and make timeous decisions with immediate actions.

We boast a stable and participating workforce.

We do not just train! We Develop our people at all levels and systems. We provide a service that is measurable and accepts ownership of the service we provide. After sale service to our clients is a given and we offer a vast range of maintenance contracts on all our systems..

We do careful recruitment and selection of staff in order to avoid the re-utilization of migrant workers that move from one company to another. All management staff is well trained in the different systems.

Supervision is seen as an all-important activity in ensuring staff morale and optimized efficiencies due to the nature of the business.

Sure Secure has adopted the concept of value added services. To this extent, initial and on-going analysis and advice on security and access systems, investigative and related services; and any specific ad-hoc services the client may require, is all deemed part of the primary contract of service. With the introduction of customizing your systems put you in charge of your own systems. We do not only offer the initial installation of systems but also the ongoing service and maintenance of the systems. We will also make suggestions from time to time to improve on already installed systems.

We work hand in hand with Lowveld Building and Maintenance that compliment any changes or building work to accommodate any new security systems at your premises. Our products and systems give you an edge over your competitors and crime. We offer solutions for the corporate client as well as the clients on farms and at home. We do a full assessment on your security requirements. We will prepare a suggestion for your solutions and combine that with different options with the cost implication. The assessors have vast experience and training in all security relevant products and services.

Our Services

Here is a quick look at some of the main and most common services offered at Sure Secure:

CCTV Systems

Electric Fencing

Electric Gates & Motors

Invinsible Fencing

Access Control

Biometric Systems

Vein Readers

Card Systems

Tag Systems

Mobile Solutions